Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
"Everyone should read this book. It’s so well-researched, so powerfully written, so personal and yet so eloquent and poignant. It’s an enlightening and essential book about race that gets you thinking about the inherent racism in Britain. I learnt so much about black British history that wasn’t taught to me in school. This book is a tool, it’s an education, it’s a call to action."
We are everywhere – Protest, Power and Pride in the history of queer liberation
"As we approach Stonewall 50, this book is a wonderful reminder of all the work that was happening well before that transformative night, how much has moved forward since then, and how far will still need to go"
Let's Talk: How to Have Better Conversations
"An accessible, anecdotal and expert-led guide to having better conversations by an award-winning BBC broadcaster"
How To Be An Antiracist
"This book describes how racism underpins our ideas about ourselves and others. It brings you along through historical research, anecdotes and logic. Systematic racism is hard for a lot of people to understand but once you get it, you can use that knowledge to question policies and the behaviours of yourself and others and actively become antiracist"
Girl, Woman, Other
"Girl, Woman, Other is about struggle, love, joy and imagination. Each storyline brings the reader round to a position of empathy and a new perspective. The characters are flawed and complex. For many readers, the world depicted in this book isn't familiar but it is possible and should be celebrated"
Natives – Race and Class in the ruins of empire
"An astounding and brilliant book about black identity. Akala breaks down centuries of colonisation, classism, racism and almost every aspect of British society with rare clarity. Using his own experiences of growing up poor and mixed race in Britain, Akala shines a light on how institutions like the police and education consistently fail young black people, particularly from working class backgrounds"
Non-Binary Lives – An anthology of interesting identities
"A great collection of personal stories by non-binary writers who describe how being non-binary has impacted their lives and relationships with family and friends. Perfect for anyone that is looking to learn more about what it means to be non-binary as well as anyone who is currently dealing with the struggles that often come with living in the world as who you are meant to be"
Messengers – Who we listen to, who we don’t and why
An intriguing book bringing together research about the people who influence our lives, who we choose to listen to, and why. It's fascinating to reflect on the influences that shape us. Anyone who has an interest in psychology and current affairs, will thoroughly enjoy this well-written book.
The Spirit level – Why more equal societies almost always do better
"In this brave book, the authors point out that the life-diminishing results of valuing growth above equality in rich societies can be seen all around us. Anyone who believes that society is the result of what we do, rather than who we are, should read this book. Its conclusion is simple: we do better when we're equal"
Blindspot – Hidden Biases of Good People
"This book explores in-depth the finding that unconscious attitudes can influence people's actions without their knowledge. Using data obtained using the Implicit Association Test, the authors make a convincing case to convince the reader that, yes, you probably are prejudiced in ways you don't know, and yes, those prejudices impact your actions in ways which would horrify you if you knew about it"
Invisible Women – Exposing Data bias in a world designed for men
"Caroline Criado Perez has assembled a collection of shocking and eye-opening stories in Invisible Women, very clearly making the point that men, for the most part, aren't consciously trying to hold women back; for the most part, men don't think about women, and the fact that our needs might differ from their own, at all"
Demystifying Diversity – A handbook to navigate equality, diversity & inclusion
"An accessible, engaging and thoughtful book which addresses a range of potentially complex and contentious subjects in a quite unique way. Demystifying Diversity penetrates one of the most pressing issues of our day, and shines a spotlight on the taboos we often shy away from"
This Chair Rocks – A Manifesto Against Ageism
"A refreshing way to look at growing older and at the ageist biases. Applewhite presents a beautiful case for celebrating growing older and questions the ideas many of us have about it"
A Dozen Brilliant Reasons to Employ Disabled People
"An accessible, positive and informative read for anyone interested in the richness of difference in the workplace.”
Neurodiversity - Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Difference
"Excellent read. Explores the diverse ways of thinking and brain structure. The evolutionary importance of these traits and how they still relevant in today’s world."
The Power of Disability
"Some great perspectives that everyone should read. “One in seven people in the world have a disability which makes it the largest minority group.” The book starts with this fact and was an eye opener. When you factor those impacted or are related to those with a disability the number swells to four out of seven people on the planet. Staggering"